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Collaborative Art

I have worked on a number of art projects with Lucy Rose Fischer, who paints upside-down, inside-out and backwards on hand-blown and hand-crafted glass.  Lucy Rose comes to me with some of her challenging and fanciful designs.  We work together so that I can help to develop her creations.  You can see more of her work at



“Communities in Color”

Reverse paint on fused glass with painted metal.

Our communities define who we are, whom we interact with, and how we feel about ourselves and the world. We are social creatures. We need to interact with others.  And so, we surround ourselves with others like ourselves, people who speak our language and who share the same values, customs and rituals. Community means warmth, love and acceptance.

But there’s another, darker side to community. Our different communities separate us into “us” versus “them.”

In this piece, I’ve used colors to indicate the diversity of communities—the red people, the blue people and the purple people—each with its own culture, each separate and suspended on a different place on earth.

"Communities in Color" Detail

"Eve--Mother of the Universe"

This large glass and metal installation was commissioned by a Houston businessman in memory of his late wife.  The words come from Genesis 28:17.  Jacob, awakening from a dream of angels going up and down a ladder to heaven, realizes he is in a sacred place.  The finished artwork is 4' wide x 7' high, with layers of paint and varnish.  The metal frame looks light and airy, but it is actually constructed from heavy, industrial metal.

"How Awesome Is This Place" - Jewish Community Center, Houston TX

This piece, which has been shown in a number of exhibits, includes glass crafted by Michael Boyd.

"With Every Breath, I Breathe in the Universe"

"Baptismal Font" - First Presbyterian Church, Olney IL

Glass bowl crafted by Michael Boyd

"Life is a Game of Monopoly"

These fanciful portraits of Lucy Rose and her husband Mark are in their back garden.


"Lake and Forest"


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